Sunday, September 26, 2010

A List of Bands that Feature Good Horns by Jackson

Early Bird Jazz guitarist Jackson S. (an 8th grader in the Early Bird Jazz Band class of 2009-2010) gave me a handwritten list of what he deemed bands with "good horns."  He wrote it on a little piece of paper in front of me, in about a minute, every band named exactly correct.  I've had his list for some months now and before I archive the paper, I want to transcribe it as it seems very interesting and worthy of exploration:

Good horns:
Good rhythm section Ska (per Jackson, "many edge towards punk"):
I had the sense that Jackson was merely scratching the surface of the bands he could have named.  I won't be surprised when I add his own band to the list someday.

Jackson's love of Ska music was one of the main inspirations for my tune Freeway Ska.

Rob Birdwell

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