Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Benefits of Music and Music Education

This PDF document is pretty much what every student, teacher and/or parent actively involved in music/arts programs already knows - but it's worth a second glance:

And if such an important and valuable thing, why then would cuts in music and arts programs from our schools even be considered?

It seems to me that it's not merely a lack of resources or dwindling budgets, but a question of values.

Rob Birdwell

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Concert May 5 2010 at Linus Pauling 7:30pm

Hope you can all make our concert this Wednesday - here's a sneak peak at our set list...always subject to change!

  • Percussion Prelude
  • All Blues
  • Mission Impossible 
  • Jump, Jive and Wail
  • St. James Infirmary
  • Well You Needn't
  • Freeway Ska

I'm hoping to get a good recording - treats and mingling after.  Should be all done before 8:30pm!