Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NAMS Jazz Festival 2010 - Audio

Here are the performance audio tracks recorded at the North Albany Middle School Jazz Festival (4th annual - 2010!)

Call And Response
Watermelon Man
Rock Around The Clock
Bag's Groove

Congratulations to all on your hard work in learning the music and putting together an exciting and spirited performance!  We will likely reprise some of these tunes again, but it's good to have these recordings to listen back to.  Thanks to parents and families for all your support!

Rob Birdwell

NAMS Jazz Festival 2010 - Photos

Terry Poe Photography took photos of our performance - you can view and order your own photos from this link:

The photos are excellent - have a look!

The instructions on the handout were to click the "clients" page then the "Jazz Festival" link - you'll be prompted to enter a code to access the photos.  It is: jazzfest2010