Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freeway Ska - New Tune for Early Bird Jazz Band

Here's a link to a slightly produced version of the score to Freeway Ska:

Freeway Ska (MP3)

If possible, download the audio file and copy it to your MP3 device and play along at home with your own part.  You might find that the tempo on this recording is challenging to play with at first - that's okay.  Simply take a bit of time to to practice your part slowly at first so you can work up to playing along with the recording.  It might take some time but you'll get it.  We don't necessarily need to play it this fast, but the tempo is about what I'd like to aim for.

Recall that "G.P." means Grand Pause, D.S. al Coda means Dal Segno: in other words, go to "the sign" at letter "B" until you hit the "coda" sign, then jump to the "coda".  These are short-hand musical terms that actually help to save ink and paper!

Finally, keep in mind that the written note is nothing without a real musician (you!) to breathe/pluck/drum life into it.  So strive to understand the original intent of the written notes (articulations, dynamics, phrasing, etc.), but don't forget to add your own sense of musicianship and expressiveness to the mix - that's called making music!

Have fun and enjoy playing your instrument(s)!